Money Saving Tips

Low-cost Ways to Save Energy

  • Air-dry dishes instead of using the dishwasher's drying cycle
  • Turn off computer and monitor when they are not in use for extended periods of time
  • Plug home electronics into power strips and turn power strips off when not in use
  • Lower thermostat on hot water heater to 120°F
  • Wash only full loads of dishes and clothes
  • Clean/replace AC filters monthly; cleaning or replacing dirty air filters can save 5% of the energy used to run the AC system
  • Close the air vent in the laundry room
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Caulk or weatherstrip air leaks; visit this Caulking and Weatherstripping page for how-to information.
  • Repair leaky air ducts: these are recognized as a major source of energy waste and can prevent HVAC systems from working properly (request a duct system test from your home's energy provider).
  • Close the blinds and shades during the day to keep out the sun's heat (in the summer).
  • Plant deciduous trees around the home (particularly near windows) to reduce sunlight loading during summer. The deciduous trees lose their leaves during winter, letting sunlight in.

Get a Free Energy Audit

A representative from your energy provider company may come to your home and inspect windows and doors for leaks and look at the insulation, water heater, and piping. Call your provider to see if they offer this energy audit service for free.

Calculate how much energy your home uses at the Department of Energy's Home Energy Saver.

Buy a New Appliance

Most large appliances are sold with a yellow energy efficiency labelEnergyStar® is a government-backed program to help you protect the environment through superior energy efficiency. EnergyStar appliances use significantly less energy and water than older models. In addition, most large appliances are sold with a yellow energy efficiency label. These labels should be carefully examined and compared with similar products for the most energy- and cost- efficient product for you.

For more information and a list of EnergyStar certified products, check out