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About The Series

Living Green is a half-hour TV show that helps individuals understand what it means to be "living green" in their own communities. Currently, there is a push in both the public and the private sectors to implement design and management strategies that take into account socioeconomic variables while conserving natural resources for future generations.

A cross-section of society, including homeowners, developers, planners, and politicians, makes day-to-day decisions that impact our natural resources. Decisions made by different people, from homeowners to politicians, interact in unique ways to affect the use and conservation of water, energy, and plants and animals. For example, the "greenness" of communities is the result of decisions made by homeowners, developers, and even city policymakers. These decisions ultimately determine the health of a community. The focus of this show is to illustrate "green" design and management practices within and around urban areas.

The flavor of the show is upbeat, and even humorous at times, when presenting the myriad challenges and solutions associated with any environmental issue. The show, while entertaining, is meant to inspire individuals to take local action and make a difference. Each show highlights a wide range of environmental issues, outlining the need for a united response at the local and, most important, individual level.

Specific attention is paid to the solutions to growth/environmental challenges, and the opportunities for individuals to help search for "win-win" strategies that balance socioeconomic and environmental concerns in their own community. The show targets an adult audience, but it is also relevant to middle-school and high-school students. Living Green highlights environmental challenges and solutions that are relevant to communities across the Southeast as well as throughout the United States.