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TV Episodes Available for Purchase

Please e-mail Mark Hostetler with questions about these and other Living Green materials. To purchase DVDs, please send checks made out to the University of Florida to:

Mark Hostetler, Ph.D.
Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
University of Florida
P.O. Box 110430
Gainesville, FL 32611-0430

TV Episodes

TitleDescriptionMedia TypeRun TimePrice
Landscaping for Wildlife  How homeowners, developers, and municipalities are landscaping for wildlife DVD  29 minutes  $11 
Invasive Exotics  Invasive plants, insects, and even large lizards are taking over!  DVD  29 minutes  $11 
Conservation Easements  Private landowners can conserve their land and obtain significant tax breaks.  DVD  29 minutes  $11 
Renewable Energy  How renewable energy can help our country move toward environmental sustainability DVD  29 minutes  $11 
Energy Conservation  Energy conservation strategies that are simple and cost-effective.  DVD  29 minutes  $11 
Sustainable Fishing  Sustainable fishing practices that help protect fish populations and birds  DVD  29 minutes  $11 
Living with Sea Turtles  Explore the challenges and solutions for sea turtle survival  DVD  29 minutes  $11 
Living Green Moments  How to adopt new conservation practices for your home  DVD  5.5 minutes (11 segments - 30 seconds each)  $5 

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