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Living Green highlights environmental challenges and solutions that are geared toward and beneficial to communities across the Southeast, as well as throughout the United States. The purpose of this website is to provide additional information about sustainable living practices. As a companion to the show, the following category-specific content will help you make informed decisions to cultivate a healthy environment in your own community.

close up of an digital electric meter


Adopt energy-efficient practices... and save money in the process | Learn More

fresh vegetables picked from a garden


Improve your family's nutrition while supporting local sustainability efforts | Learn More 

beautiful flower in front of swimming pool and house


Effective ideas that catch attention and help improve your neighborhood | Learn More

street scene with much public activity


Insight and advice tailored to your locale from UF/IFAS and the Cooperative Extension Service

people enjoying a botanical garden exhibit


Preserve ecosystems and conservation resources right on your own property | Learn More

close up of a pitchfork mixing compost and food scraps


Reduce your environmental impact and discover ways to leave a lasting legacy | Learn More

irrigation sprinklers watering lawn


Prevent shortages by embracing water conservation as a way of life | Learn More

ibis birds searching for food in lake


How you can establish a symbiotic relationship with regional creatures | Learn More

Original website content and design created by Mark Hostetler, Elizabeth Swiman, and Sarah Webb Miller. With the help of UF/IFAS Communications, the current look and functionality was streamlined for the UF/IFAS Extension Solutions for Your Life website. Al Williamson of UF/IFAS Communications uploads the steaming video for each episode. Images on this website were taken prior to national guidelines of face coverings and social distancing. The site is currently maintained and updated by Tom Barnash and Mark Hostetler.